You are my happy place

Find this card on Ebay

You are my happy place

You are my happy place

You are my happy place


11 thoughts on “You are my happy place

  1. What a lovely card. I really like your clean and simple style. You utilize the white space in a perfect way. When I try to do this, I always feel like my card looks like it’s missing something, like it’s incomplete. But not yours. Yours looks absolutely complete. I love your style.. It reminds me of Debby Hughes. Do you know who that is?

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    • Hi mistyje, thank you so much for your lovely comments!

      I started learning how to create cards more than a year ago and still learning every day.
      Yes, I know Debby Hughes cards (learned a lot from her blog and her posts about photography).
      The more cards you create the more you start getting the feel for them.

      After I made a card I like analysing it and try to answer one simple question:
      Do I 100% like it?
      – if Yes – what exactly I like?
      – if No – what exactly I don’t like. Finding the answer to this question often helps me to fix the problem so I could like it.

      Some of my own rules that I developed in the process:
      1. Keep it simple. Simplicity is the best sophistication.
      2. Have one centrepiece that attracts all the attention and the other details must turn around it and compliment this centrepiece, not compete with it.
      3. No more than 3 main colours (2 or 3 are the best). Can be exceptions sometimes 😉
      4. Try to have one main colour and 1 or 2 colours to compliment the main one. The colours on your card should not compete for attention.
      5. Add some cute small details to compliment the main design, to make it playful and interesting. This can be ribbons, bow, sequins, hearts, glossy accents, a bit of sparkle (glitter), flat back beads, enamel dots. The smaller – the cuter in my books 🙂

      In order to learn new techniques and ideas I watch cardmaking videos on Youtube everyday:

      Jennifer Mcguire:

      Yana Smakula:

      Carissa Wiley:

      Simon Says Stamp:

      W plus 9:



      • What great advice/rules to follow!! And I can tell that you follow these rules because you definitely know your style. Thats what I love about the ladies you mention here including Laura Bassen. They all have a style that you can pick out in a sea of cards. That to me, is a huge accomplishment. It’s something I’m still working on. I’m screenshotting this and I’m going to give this a try the next time I make a card. I love these tips!! Thank you Lena ~ xx

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          • I just realized somehow I’m not even signed in to my WordPress account. I’m Happy Ink Designs but I must’ve accidentally created a new account by entering the wrong email or something. How bizarre!! I didn’t even realize it until you said you’d like to see my cards and I started thinking, well they’re right here on my… Wait a sec… Lol ok, let me log in to my actual account.

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    • Oh good!! I’m glad you found it because I can’t even log into this account on my iPad for some reason!! I keep trying to leave you a message in the right account and as soon as I click on post comment, it kicks me out saying I’m using the wrong email address.. Ugghh, this is the technical stuff that drive me nuts!! I have no idea how I even created a new account, or how to delete it for that matter. Oh well.. I’m on my computer now and all is right in my world. But the link you shared above is going to be my old blog as of today. I’m actually at now. I like wordpress much better. It’s the account I’m using to leave this comment. I know, is that confusing enough for ya?? hahaha, I’ve been keeping both blogs going until I decided which one I was going to go with for sure (blogspot or wordpress) and I’m going with wordpress.
      I know!! I wish we lived closer too!! I need a crafting buddy!! I don’t know anyone locally that does what I do. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll actually meet!! I just started following this wonderful woman that just got back from a trip to London where she met all kinds of friends from her blog. I think that is so cool!! It looks like she had a blast too!! Anyway, hope this wasn’t too confusing. This is exactly why I’m dropping the blogspot one today after I make a final “I’m Moving” post. But thanks again for the great tips!! I’m totally going to try and put those in motion in my next card that I make!! I’ll talk to you soon. Hugs, Misty

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